Visiting Landscape Panels A, B, C
beeswax, muslin fabric, tension poles, landscape
This video shows the panels temporarily installed on Coney Island Beach.

What is the feeling of the waves?

Visiting Landscape Panels A, B, C
beeswax, cotton, thread, paracord
each panel measures 85 x 24 inches
photograph by LoBo Gallery during "A Flash in the Pan," July 2019
Visiting Landscape Panels Small and Large
12 x 7 foot panel and a 33 x 28 inch panel
During an artist residency at Otto’s Abode, I created artwork in collaboration with the residency and village. I provided a box of light shape stencils, the large waxed cotton panel, and instructions to the community members who participated in determining the composition and cutting out the shapes. The compositions of my work are usually developed in collaboration with weather, time, and plants in the landscape. I was curious to see what would happen when I welcomed other people to collaborate on developing the composition. How would the random light shapes be associated and arranged? Shadows exist where the light does not. What happens when we arrange the light shapes with no regard for the the shadows?
During the summer and fall, Otto’s Abode moved the Visiting Landscape Apparatus to different locations in the village, wilderness, and Ranger School, so the artwork could weather in response to and filter the light of a variety of settings in the area. After months of exposure outdoors, the small panel turned a mysterious green/grey color, and was brought into the Otto's Abode General Store for closer observation. The source of the color change has yet to be determined. The large panel was brought in from the forest at the start of hunting season so as not to confuse the hunters.