Katie M. Westmoreland

Gowanus Dredgers Club June Exhibition

The Gowanus Dredgers Club presents Many Layered Moments, an exhibition of my and Michelle Zassenhaus's temporal landscape works.  The show consists of a light filtering window installation, a canopy of flowing textile paintings, and long exposure photographs of the coast of New York City.  The works are our experiences of nature in relation to the city.  Michelle and I both harness the inspiring qualities of light and play with the elasticity of time.  We bring our work together in the unique setting of the Gowanus Dredgers Boathouse to blur the line between the urban and natural, and to inspire the exploration of a multitude of ways of being present within the complex landscape.  How does the environment around us look if we slow down, if we rush? What do we see when we weave together a sequence of fleeting moments? What is our position in the landscape?

Please join us for the opening reception Saturday, June 2 from 5-8pm.

Wave Hill Sunroom Project Space 2018

Pictured above: Sunroom Project Model, 2017, cotton fabric, liquid emulsion, clay, thread, acrylic paint, glass and illustration board, 16 x 16 x 11 1/2 inches.

Wave Hill commissioned me to create a new body of site-specific artwork for a solo exhibiton.  During the winter, I spent many hours with the plants in the warm, humid sunporch, painting studies of the sunlight cascading throughout the space. 
With these studies, I am creating kinetic textile paintings....Stay tuned!

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Exhibition Dates: July 1 - August 26
Meet the Artist: July 22, 5-8 pm